Roads Between Us

Client: Barcelona Municipality
Year: 2020 
Category:  Virtual Reality Production   x    IED  
Technologies:  Unity / 3DS max 

Caminos Entre Nosotros

Client: Barcelona City Hall
Year: 2020 
Category:  VR interactive platform     
Technologies:  Unity / 3DS max 


Caminos Entre Nosotros is a VR shared interactive platform produced designed for Oculus Quest /  Rift, for the Barcelona City Hall representing the implementation and the development of “Superillas” in Barcelona. This shared experience aims at elevating the level of engagement  of the citizen through collective vocal data: share ideas and experiences, transfer concern and suggestions to reshape the city. The communal journey begins with a multi-user installation: 4 users can experience the VR installation at the same time and meet virtually. The journey collects these opinions  to be heard.

Spacial Concept             

The structure is composed of 4 layers of 3D maps of Barcelona stacked on top of each other, with a vertical structure linking them together. The layers of the 3D map carry the flow of information and the vertical structure carries the flow of the voices of the people. After each information flow they receive, they get to voice their reflection inside the transition, and leave their mark with a recording.