About Me

I grew up always making DIY products from scratch believing I can build anything, thinking: “ why buy it while you can do it ? ” So I ended up graduating as an interior architect to continue buildings things, which helped me become a spacial designer and a digital visualizer. As an interior architect I transformed spaces to address aesthetic, social and physical needs, by giving existing spaces a new life, leading projects from conceptual approach to visual representations of the future spaces, to applications ready for executions. After noticing how powerful and inspiring the effect of fast growing VR technology is impacting the design field as well as social patterns and behaviors, I entered the thrilling and inspiring world of Virtual Reality and I am now employing immersive virtual realities and interactive tools to the design platforms by adding a new layer of multi-sensorial experiences. My aim is to create new content and explore the conceptual approach towards a user oriented and social experience through storytelling and appealing visuals, always developed with enthusiasm and passion for this new technology.

What is VR ?

VR technology

By using a Virtual Reality headset, you can enter into embodied immersive simulations with elevated sensations.These simulations are designed to be extremely immersive as if he were really teleported to another world where he can  potentially interact with the objects in the digitally created environment.

VR  tool kit 

A VR headset is a head-mounted display (HMD) that blocks out the outside world (the screen is set to focus to fill our entire peripheral vision) and displays a 3D world or stitched images. It can be experimented without glasses from any platform (computer, tablet, phone). Using a specialty controller helps users to interact with the scene and control elements. Having the ability to pick up objects in the scene or even interact with characters can improve immersion even further.