Client: Zeleros
Year: 2020 
Category:  VR interactive visualization   
Technologies:  Unity / 3DS max 

Because time matters


The first virtual experience of zeleros’s hyperloop first station in Barcelona. The proposal presented to Zeleros was digitally designed and constructed for an interactive virtual tour. The viewer interacts with the services found inside the station for a realistic experience and a better understanding of the new travel experience envisioned by Zeleros: from purchasing the travel ticket, till boarding the Zeleros vehicle.

Spacial Concept

Spacial concept: Zeleros’s hyperloop is a connection tool between big european cities on a big scale, and a connection tool between the city’s different modes of transportation on a small scale, the design of the station highlights the idea of connectivity by creating a continuous structure that links the inside station with the vehicle railways, leading the visitor throught the fastest travel track, physically and visually. The station is all about openness and lightness. The integrated lighting plays an important role in the design, as they are interactive with the arrival of each vehicle every 2.5 minutes, which highlights the idea of the speed during the journey.